Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Victorian Wrap/Shrug

Howdy! I stumbled upon this blog while trying to find other folks working on the Victorian Wrap/Shrug. I ended up emailing Robyn and she's been helping me along...by the way, she's AWESOME! I was so thrilled that she not only wrote back (quickly), but she's also been providing really great instructions. I'm not the smalled gal and I've been having a bit of trouble resizing the garment to fit me...I'm just now starting the sleeves. I've had a bit of trouble with the gauge, but I think I'm finally on the right track. When I sent the first email to Robyn, I was using a different yarn so that I had the same gauge as the pattern...so when I changed to a thicker yarn, my gauge ended up TOTALLY different and I had to figure out how the calculations I had made translated to my new gauge. Yeah, I'm so not a gauge person! haha

I think the part that's most difficult for me is seeing how the garment comes together...because I can't see how the sleeves are built, I'm not able to relate the various measurements to the pattern itself. It's my inexperience with this type of resizing...I usually just size as I go and add stitches as I need to. This is definitely the most involved project I've ever done...but I'm so glad that I've taken on this challenge.

Anyhow, a big HELLO to y'all and I'm glad to have some support during this crazy journey!

~Teresa :o)

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