Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I need some help on my I'm A Convert sweater

I have a question about this project.

I'm working on the upper right arm. It says to skip the last five stitches in the row (shaping the underarm), which has resulted in a nub on mine. i don't know what it's for or if it's supposed to be there. here is a photo. Can anyone shed some light on this?

WIP: I'm a Convert Sweater

Much appreciated!


Megan said...

Have you tried looking at it while it's shaped like it'll be shaped when it's on your body? I know that sometimes if I try to lay a piece like that flat it looks a little lumpy but when I curve it over a dress form or just in my hands it doesn't look wrong anymore.

missa said...

that is EXACTLY the way the piece is supposed to look. that little "nub" is the section where the sleeves are sewn to the body. you're doing it correctly! think of it as the armhole shaping section at the top of a garment. ~missa