Friday, August 1, 2008

Absolutely Fabulously Finished

It is with great pleasure that I proclaim...that I have finally finished the Victoria Shrug that I made for My Muse. It all began with the Crochet Me CAL. I wanted to find something classic, refined..yet timeless to make for her. She is a very generous soul and inspires all who let her. After thumbing through the book for something that epitomizes her spirit..I kept finding myself gravitating to the Victorian Shrug on the cover. The model on the cover reminded me of her (except that she is African-American); simple elegance. I polled many co-workers and they all agreed that it was perfect for her. I wanted to give it to her for Christmas, but could not get it perfect enough to give to her. Whenever I make something for someone, I want my work to be the best it can be. So I kept at it until I was finished. I was worried that it would be too big, too small or the material was wrong. Anyhoo...I finished...but wait....I did not have the perfect button. I looked high and low. I put the sweater away ...unfinished...determined that she would not see it until I found the perfect button.. Fast Aunt Mildred (Mildred Baldwin) gave me a box of beads, buckles, pendants and what-nots. I looked in the cigar box filled with these things at least once or twice a week. Lo and behold I look once more and discovered a lovely golden "dragonfly" pendant. I decided to confess to My Muse my dilemma and inquired as to how she felt about dragonfly's. She exclaims, "That's the name of my favorite watering hole...The Dragonfly" I explained that I finally found the perfect button for her sweater; brought in the pendant for her approval...and she approved. I researched her favorite watering hole online and found that the dragonfly that they use as a logo is almost exactly like the pendant. I added it to shrug and it was PERFECT! I am glad that I waited for the perfect button. I wanted to have it dry-cleaned, but felt nervous about how it would be returned to me..also one dry cleaner wanted $8 just to steam the sweater. I fumed and decided that I would find another way to block it. I told my aunt about my dilemma and she told me to take my steam iron, with a towel over it and do it myself. She also is giving me my own professional steamer. It belonged to my grandmother; her mother..who was a professional seamstress for many years. So, I gave the sweater to her the Christmas gift bag that I purchased...with a note. She found me soon as she saw it...gave me a big hug...exclaimed..."It's perfect and beautiful!....Thank you soooo much!" I could not have been happier. I put a lot of time and love into making it for her...she is a very special person who helped me to appreciate myself and all that I have to offer the world! I know that I have made a friend for life and am better for it.