Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Messenger bag started

I started the messenger bag on Monday night and am making decent progress. I bought some super yummy colors of wool over the weekend and was really looking forward to starting on it, but when I read the instructions closely they weren't making sense. So I emailed the creator of the pattern, Julie Holetz, who got right back to me with clarifications. So nice of her!!

I'm sort of winging it on the color blocks. I currently have three balls of yarn hanging off the thing. Seems to be working but I have no idea if that's what's supposed to happen. Julie did say that carrying the yarn behind the stitches would result in felt that's too thick.

And I could use some advice from any felting experts out there. I live in a condo and the washing machines in the basement are front loading and lock when you start them up, so there will be no stopping the cycle and checking the progress for me. Can this be done by hand?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Icelandic Turtleneck: Finished!

Icelandic Turtleneck: Fin

I started this back in April, made a bunch of modifications, and absolutely love it! I wrote all about it on the blog. Wahoo!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Comfi Cardi Start

Comfi Cardi Start
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Hi All,

I decided to take my recent trip traveling time and devote it to me (instead of work like I usually do). With the 10 hour trip out to CA, and the 6 hour trip back, I got pretty far along with my own personal Comfi Cardi. I adored this project from the moment I swatched it. I really really didn't want to give up the sample that was photographed in CM, but I did. Now, a year later I am finally making one for me!

I am making a couple of changes, I am shortening the sleeves to be elbow length. I am also making the sleeves smaller, b/c I definitely don't fit in standard body sizes. So my cardi will have a large chest size and small arm size. So far so good. I am finished with the back, one arm, and one front panel. I am using Peruvian Pure Alpaca Fina, which has been a great substitute for me in a blueish gray. Can't wait to show you more as I go!

Thanks everyone for asking how I am changing the cardi!- I posted a bit on this on my blog.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Victorian Shrug + Wrap Errata

Victorian Shrug + Wrap Errata from the CrochetMe Book:

Row 1: Ch1, sc in first hdc, sk next 2 hdc, fan st in next hdc, sk 2 hdc, *sc in next hdc, sk next 2 hdc, fan st in next hdc, sk next 2 hdc, [remove extra: sk next 2 hdc] rep from * around front panel and back, end with sc, turn. - 40, 44, 48, 52 fan sts total

(Thank you Margaret for finding this error for us!)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Victorian Wrap/Shrug

Howdy! I stumbled upon this blog while trying to find other folks working on the Victorian Wrap/Shrug. I ended up emailing Robyn and she's been helping me the way, she's AWESOME! I was so thrilled that she not only wrote back (quickly), but she's also been providing really great instructions. I'm not the smalled gal and I've been having a bit of trouble resizing the garment to fit me...I'm just now starting the sleeves. I've had a bit of trouble with the gauge, but I think I'm finally on the right track. When I sent the first email to Robyn, I was using a different yarn so that I had the same gauge as the when I changed to a thicker yarn, my gauge ended up TOTALLY different and I had to figure out how the calculations I had made translated to my new gauge. Yeah, I'm so not a gauge person! haha

I think the part that's most difficult for me is seeing how the garment comes together...because I can't see how the sleeves are built, I'm not able to relate the various measurements to the pattern itself. It's my inexperience with this type of resizing...I usually just size as I go and add stitches as I need to. This is definitely the most involved project I've ever done...but I'm so glad that I've taken on this challenge.

Anyhow, a big HELLO to y'all and I'm glad to have some support during this crazy journey!

~Teresa :o)

I need some help on my I'm A Convert sweater

I have a question about this project.

I'm working on the upper right arm. It says to skip the last five stitches in the row (shaping the underarm), which has resulted in a nub on mine. i don't know what it's for or if it's supposed to be there. here is a photo. Can anyone shed some light on this?

WIP: I'm a Convert Sweater

Much appreciated!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I am about half done the dress.

I hope to have pictures very soon. I am loving it! i was hoping to have it done my New Year's however I have not had time to work on it. I am in the process of designing a felted bag that has to be done by the 15th. I hope to have the dress done in time for hubby's next concert on Feb. 17th.

Weeeell the downside was that didn't get done in time for the Feb. 17th concert. However I have pulled it to finish. Bruce and I have a wedding to attend in Niagara Falls and I would like to have a couple of nice dresses to wear.

Here is what I have so far...

Back of the Babydoll Dress
Front of the Babydoll Dress

(edited to add some pictures)

Finished: Icelandic Turtleneck

Whoo Hoo! Finally got my project finished, and pictures uploaded! I have more in the CM Flickr account.

I took the sleeves in a bit. Note that I'm not showing the seaming on this alteration ;)

It certainly shows of the curves! Can't shape with crochet my @rse! I'm quite happy, even though any crocheter with any talent will see the flaws and hiccups (sorry Chloe!).

This project has empowered me! I already have more garments in my queue.