Monday, October 22, 2007

Icelandic Cowl—Canadian Book Launch

Ok, Crochetmealongers, let's get this party started! Alright, I had a head start. I began my second project from the book (I'll consider Gordo & Doug my first, for the sake of my dwindling crochet productivity of late) last April, but I'm in full swing with it now.

For a few months, I've been posting progress photos of my in-progress Icelandic Cowl sweater; I started it last April, from a print-out of the tech-edited manuscript. I have a short attention span, and would put it down for weeks at a time; it's a super easy pattern.

Julie threw down the gauntlet last week, suggesting we each wear our Icelandic Cowl to the Canadian book launch tomorrow night at Urban Yarns. I was further along than she was at the time; I thought I could use the challenge to just finish. But barely had the challenge escaped Julie's lips that I tried on my sweater at the end of the cowl section. Dude. It was huge. I'd had to adjust for my gauge being off, and it would seem that I had made a mistake that compounded round after round.

Icelandic Cowl—Too Big

It's a close-fitting sweater. But not only was it just plainly too big, it was enormous in back.

Day 44

I heard Sandi Wiseheart's voice in my head, exclaiming that no woman's front is the same size as her back! In my case, this is a dramatic truth. I wear a 32-D. My front is significantly larger than my back. I rarely find a button-down shirt that isn't gigantic in the back even when it's taut in front. Anyway, I knew all this when I started the sweater. But I figured that since the sweater is so close-fitting, it would likely all even out in the end. Um, no.

I ripped back. And here's where all my deepest, darkest crocheter ills come to light. Due to the time crunch (also, I'm impatient), I ripped back only to the last round of increases, not farther back. This might actually be okay. I altered the pattern so that the front half of the sweater is slightly smaller than it was before and so the back is significantly smaller (I cut out over 4 inches of width from the back). I also cut about an inch from each sleeve cap.

The ill shows up in how conservative I was. I actually should have cut more. But there's good news. The back no longer wings out on its own. The front is a bit snugger, as are the sleeves. But really? I could have cut another couple inches off the total circumference. I doubted both my math (which was correct), and my desire to wear the sweater so close-fitting (which is how it should be worn). But I think the end result will be passable.

Will it be passable for tomorrow night? I'm doubtful, but won't rule it out. I might become one with the sofa tonight, stitching feverishly.

(It has crossed my mind that I don't much like pink. I never wear it. I've been known to announce that I hate it. Might I be tempted to make another, better-fitting version in a different colour down the line? ... Only time will tell.)

BTW, the event tomorrow night is almost full! If you want to come to Urban Yarns with me and Julie from 6-9pm, RSVP to the store as soon as you can!

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Xia Diaz said...

Good luck and have fun! I would like to see it in a darker color.

KimW said...

It's in black in the book.