Sunday, April 20, 2008

Victorian Shrug ~~ At an Impasse!

I have technically finished my Victorian Shrug, but can't seem to find the perfect button. I will block it to get the shape that I want. I am embarrassed that it took me this look to get this far. I started out with cheesy yarn and it was huge; I frogged it on the second version, but noticed that the red yarns I purchased were two different colors. I changed focused, finished some other projects that were long overdue, then resumed. I poured my bag of fancy buttons out and found that they were too cheesy and plastic to use. I have a clear button for the inside, but unable to find that one button for the outside. The shape looks a little wide at the bottom, but I'm sure blocking will fix that. I actually did another pattern from the book for a friend..Shades of Plaid scarf by Julie Holetz...she complimented me on my work..thanks Julie! I am onto my next Crochet Me project....maybe the Mesmerize Sweater or the Babydoll dress! My Crafty Chick group member is holding the sweater up during one of our group meet-ups.

Thanks for creating a great book and allowing me to participate in this Crochet Revolution!

Valeria aka NannDee..(~.~)


Laurie said...

Nice job, I'd love to see someone wearing it (after you sort out the button)!

Teresa said...

Congrats on finishing it and it looks fantastic!!! And don't feel bad, I've been "working on" the same sweater since January!! I needed to size it up several sizes and it just became a bit overwhelming. So I can definitely relate to letting a project sit for a bit of time...but you finished it, so that's awesome! So just one question, did you need to do any resizing (other than length adjustments)?

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