Monday, December 3, 2007


Thought I'd post to say hello ... I just joined this CAL about two minutes ago. I've been perusing my Crochet Me book for weeks and can't decide what to make first. I really, really want to make the cover sweater, but I haven't been able to find a suitable substitute yarn for the Debbie Bliss.

I'm pretty sure I've finally decided on the rug. Looks easy and fun ... and I certainly am never in short supply of Red Heart Super Saver yarn, despite all the stash-busters I've been involved in this year.

So ... I just need to find my big hooks and I'm on my way. Hopefully photos will be forthcoming soon!


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-Pam L- said...

Hi Michelle !
I recognize you.. like a kid the first day is school.. looking for a familiar face ya know. :)

Yes.. I'm in our Granny Sq, ripple, and along groups too.
Looking forward to those pics you speak of.
-Pam L-